Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet MP4-12C: the new 1 cr sports car on the block

The economy is rough. But that's not stopping auto major McLaren from rolling out a new high-end, carbon fiber consumer sports car called the MP4-12C. The English race car company 'McLaren Automotive' showed off it's new MP4-12C in New York Thursday.It's in the price range of other exotic super cars but the car makers say its' in a class of its own.Auto designer Frank Stephenson says, "If they drive this car, they'll freak out. I mean this car is not competing with Ferrari, it's not competing Lamborghini, or Aston Martin or Porsche."
Instead, he says, they've focused on function instead of form."The design of the car is basically influenced by the aerodynamics. It's more designed for purpose rather than beauty, it looks like it does because it works so efficiently."The car is made with a one piece moulded carbon chassis, which the makers say makes it lighter, faster and more fuel efficient.It will be available for purchase next year for around 240-thousand dollars. Mark Harrison of McLaren Automotive says, "The commercial market for cars in the price point we're looking at is proving very positive."The car makers say bringing a new high end sports car to market in a bad economy has some advantages."We've started with absolute from zero as a company during a recession and we've been able to build up during that time almost the ideal business plan." The specs on the car seem almost ideal as well: it has close to 600 horsepower and goes from zero to sixty in under three seconds.