Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Apple, Google working on wearable devices

Apple and Google are working on wearable technology that would send data to their smartphones, US media reported on Monday.

Researchers in Google's secret Google X lab, a facility where Google is reportedly working on projects pertaining to future technologies, have begun working on peripherals that would communicate information back to Android smartphones when they are attached to one's clothing or body, said Bits, a technology blog of the New York Times, citing sources.

Apple is said to be working on a curved-glass, wrist-wearable iPod. Users could communicate with device with Apple's artificial intelligence software Siri and the information could be relayed to iPhone, reported Xinhua.

A very small group of Apple employees had been conceptualizing and prototyping some devices, said Bits, citing a person with knowledge of the plan.

The core concept of the plans is to make smartphone become the central hub for mobile communication. Some analysts said the companies still need to ensure consumers to recognize the daily value of these novelty product-like devices.