Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pinstagram combines the best of Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are two apps that have caught on like fire in the recent months. Ever thought what would the result be if the two were brought together? Two friends, Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo put a weekend to good use by coming up with Pinstagram, a mash up of Pinterest and Instagram. The idea stemmed from a simple discussion on company startups pitched to venture capital firms.

Once you sign-in using your Instagram account, the wall greets you with all your photos in the Pinterest layout. You can Like and comment on photos and pin them to your Pinterest pinboard as well. The app now also has a new Search option in the top left corner.

There are a few glitches in the site but considering it's only in its second week of running, we're sure it will be improved upon quite a bit. Talking to Mashable, Pek said that he also envisions iPad and desktop apps for Pinstagram in the future.

Pinstagram has blended the Pinterest and Instagram interfaces quite smoothly. The vertical Pinterest layout lacks a bit of colour which is compensated for by Pinstagram's earthy colours. Instagram's shades of blue appear as coloured icons for Pin, Like and Comment when you keep the cursor on a picture. While refreshing the site or opening other menu options, the site opens the page with a smooth animation. Overall, the site looks clean and simple.

The mash up however isn't entirely a new thought. Italian developer Gennaro Varriale had created a similar mash up called Pingram in March this year. Varriale said his love for collecting photos in boards led him to develop the site. Both the sites differ in their interface. Pinstagram is more stylised and user friendly as opposed to Pingram's rather static interface, without the Instagram and Pinterest feel.

Mashups such as these are likely to attract more users and contribute to the popularity of not just the individual apps (Instagram and Pinterest in this case) but of the mashed up version as well.