Saturday, September 8, 2012

The expected journey of Americans to Asia for jobs

The Republican and the Democratic parties in the last two weeks of National Convention had corporate theatrics at its best. Republican party brought this nation to the brink of economic collapse by 8 years of Bush rule in 2008. In 2010 when they got the control of the congress they instead of putting nation first pursued party first and blocked every initiative by Obama administration to take the country forward. In 2012 the country is back in the brink of an economic collapse and both parties are still playing politics and theatrics. Hope that good sense prevails in the next few months and adequate measures are taken to avoid the economic collapse.

American as an immigrant (half-of-the-world population lived in Asia)--with long-term prospects for freedom and economic opportunity back home so sparse, maybe it's time to begin thinking in this new direction: INTERNATIONALLY.

This time is not different. American may have to travel out of the country for better jobs like to ASIA.

...The mayhem of 2008 illu...strates a dream job is like the reflection of the moon on the water – just an illusion.

For the first time ever, a new generation of Americans faces a bleaker economic future than their parents.

This shocking reality may be new for the US, but it's an old song for most of the world. Countries rise to prosper, and countries decline. It is the natural order of things.

As the waves of migrant workers and business owners can attest, there is always something you can do to combat domestic economic challenges.

The current slump in the US and Europe could easily lead to a similar wave of Diaspora-- economic refugees who find better opportunity abroad, even those who send remittances back home.

In the US, real median incomes have not grown since 2007. Those on the lower rungs of the income ladder have fallen backwards.

Net household wealth remains some 37% below its peak. All gains since 1992 have been wiped out.

Whenever there is a great upheaval, ambitious, productive people leave their homelands and put down roots where they can find safety and better opportunities for themselves, their families, and future generations.

Perhaps back to the future? Not long ago in 1947, one out of every three Americans lived in poverty.

The US and the rest of the world should facilitate the peaceful decline of the american power by letting the UN take over the vaccum through strengthening of the security council by adding more permanent members like India, Japan, Australia, Brasil and South Africa.