Sunday, January 26, 2014

Joe Green President FWD.US

In the Fall of 2003, while an undergraduate at Harvard University, Joe Green helped Mark Zuckerberg (who would later found Facebook) create Facemash, a website that allowed users to compare and rate the faces of Harvard undergraduates for attractiveness. Both Green and Zuckerberg were threatened with explusion by Harvard's administrative board.

Green had reportedly attempted to persuade Mark Zuckerberg to create a social network centered around politics, but Zuckerberg created Facebook instead.

In light of the trouble with Facemash, Green's father advised him against collaborating with Zuckerberg on projects similar to Facemash in the future. As a result, Green declined Zuckerberg's offer of shares in Facebook. Had Green accepted, these shares would have been worth billions of dollars at the time of the Facebook IPO.

Green studied under Marshall Ganz, who sparked his interest further in community activism and grassroots organizing. Ganz was pivotal in helping the Democratic Party with its grassroots organizing. In 2004, Green worked on Democratic nominee John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. In 2005, Green started Essembly, a nonpartisan social network that helped connect people with others who shared their political views.

Joe Green is the President and Founder of, which organizes the tech community around public policies to promote a knowledge economy. Joe's vision for is rooted in his unique hybrid experience as a tech entrepreneur and in political campaigns. Joe founded Causes, the largest platform for charity and activism, and co-founded NationBuilder, the leading software for community organizing. These two genre-defining companies combine the best of traditional organizing with a socially enabled web, making the tools of democracy more widely available and empowering people to become leaders.

Joe started in local politics by winning election to his local school board. He went on to work on several other political campaigns at the local, state and national level, including John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. He is a board member of Causes, NationBuilder and the Salesforce Foundation.