Friday, November 7, 2014

20 Crore Brides Will Need 20 Crore Saris: PM Modi to Varanasi's Weavers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered a canny business plan for weavers in his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi today - making the famous Banarasi sari available for the weddings of the "20 crore girls who will get married in the next few years."

He also asked the weavers to use opportunities offered by e-commerce to tap a global market and to modify the industry to do that effectively.

"Every mother wants a Banarasi sari for her daughter on their wedding day... 20 crore girls will get married in the next few years. So 20 crore saris will be needed. Such a big market waiting for you," the PM told weavers, adding, that an assured market meant they must increase production and ensure quality, good design and service.

"Everyone in the world knows about Varanasi's textiles. You must strategically plan to reach the global consumer," Mr Modi said, adding that the textile sector provides vast employment to the poorest and needs comprehensive vision and modern technology. He promised he would ensure that there is no dearth of funds for various projects.

Most of the Varanasi's 40,000 weavers are Muslims who have engaged in the traditional craft, now floundering, for generations. In his election campaign the Prime Minister had promised to improve their lot with modern technology, branding, designing and marketing.

Today, as he laid the foundation for a Rs.200 crore Trade Facilitation Centre, he said this was the beginning of his dream for Varanasi. "I believe in doing things rather than making tall claims. You have expressed faith in me and showered me with love," the PM said.

This is Mr Modi's first trip to Varanasi since he took over as Prime Minister.